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Fresh Air and Your Best Comfort for your Home or Office

Even a new home ventilation system, you^if you’ve recently installed a new home ventilation system, it^installing a brand new home ventilation system}8} may not , in fact, protect your family from airborne contaminants. The majority of home heating and cooling systems only have very basic and disposable indoor air filters. Although they may prevent large particles from coming into your home but will not contain the smaller toxins like bacteria, spores, and viruses. Advancing to a high-efficiency home air filter can make a significant difference in your home’s air quality


The Best Filters for a Home with Safe, Clean Air 

High-efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA) catch an assortment of particles that the majority of regular home air filters can’t, including allergy symptom-causing microbes. Other home air filter choices include electronic and electrostatic models. These models use charged particles to attract and capture over 99% of all particulates in your home’s air. We have a wide range of indoor air filters for your home, including medical-grade air filters for people with significant health issues.

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