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Breathe Cleaner Air with a Whole-House Air Filtration System in Melbourne

The air we breathe moves into your lungs and body. That’s why it’s crucial that the air in your home is healthy. You may think frequently replacing your home’s air filter and cleaning thoroughly is ample to breathe easily. Depending on your house and the health and ages of your household, it may not be. If you use a common 1-inch air filter in your heating and cooling system, you’re only experiencing the bare minimum of air filtration.

That’s where having Duron Smith AC & Heat put in a high-efficiency, whole-house air filtration system in Melbourne enters. It traps more pollutants, keeping your indoor air healthy around the clock. Not only will you enjoy fresher air, but increased air filtration could keep your HVAC system in fantastic working order.

If you’re looking into whole-house air purification systems, it’s recommended to work with a dependable air filtration company. Give Duron Smith AC & Heat a call and we’ll offer you a free estimate, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. Give our kind customer service staff a call at 321-452-3553 to book your appointment now.



4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Whole-Home Air Filtration System

You could think the air in your home is healthy enough. But there’s the potential it’s more unhealthy than smog, according to the EPA. And that can have a major impact on your wellness.

Here are a couple other reasons why you should consider having Duron Smith AC & Heat install a whole-house air purification system:

  • Your family includes infants, young children or elderly adults. Young children and those over 65 can be more susceptible to pollutants than others. A whole-home air filtration system may protect your household from respiratory troubles.
  • Someone in your family has health problems, including allergies or asthma. People with long-term breathing problems are also more vulnerable when exposed to indoor air pollutants. Dander, pollen and dust can irritate these issues, making them more regular or worse.
  • You are looking for enhanced protection against illnesses. Installing an air filtration system could protect your family against common illnesses like the cold and flu under certain airflow conditions.

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Even if you believe you’re in excellent health, there are a lot of reasons to consider a whole-house air filtration system. It offers the broadest filtration when compared to single-room purifiers. These purifiers often generate ozone, which can aggravate your lungs.

It’s also important to mention that many whole-house purification systems are strong enough to remove offensive odors from the air, like persistent cooking smells or tobacco smoke.

When you’re wanting to add one of these systems to your home, our pleasant customer service staff at Duron Smith AC & Heat makes the complete process easy, starting with a free estimate. And our 100% satisfaction guarantee* means you’ll be happy with the results when all is said and done. Reach Duron Smith AC & Heat at 321-452-3553 to book your appointment today!