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We’re Sure You’ll Be Happy with Our Air Conditioning Repair in Cape Canaveral

It requires outstanding service to be an effective whole-home service company. But delivering outstanding heating, cooling, and plumbing services is all Duron Smith AC & Heat does, for both families and businesses. Your home or business should always be comfy. Regardless of how hot it is on the other side of your walls, Duron Smith AC & Heat delivers the fastest air conditioning repair in Cape Canaveral to keep you refreshed.

It’s not important what time it is or what kind of air conditioner you rely on. Our friendly support staff at 321-452-3553 will help you schedule an appointment promptly with a skilled professional.

All our Duron Smith AC & Heat specialists are fully licensed and insured for residential and business air conditioning systems. They have the knowledge to go above your comfort needs by giving great repairs every time for all brands.

Once Duron Smith AC & Heat has found the source of the malfunction, we’ll provide a few suggestions for getting your air conditioner operating again. This will come with a free estimate for any necessary repairs.

In most cases, it won’t take our techs more than a couple of hours to fix your air conditioning. No matter how the repairs go, Duron Smith AC & Heat will keep in touch about our progress. And if you want to buy a new air conditioning instead, you can trust our air conditioning replacement work also.

For years, Duron Smith AC & Heat has been at it continually to deliver you the finest service for heating, cooling and ventilation. When you contact us for AC repair in Cape Canaveral, you can be at peace thanks to our 100% satisfaction guarantee.* If something isn’t right, Duron Smith AC & Heat will keep going until you’re happy.

To keep your air conditioner in top condition, ask Duron Smith AC & Heat for details about our Complete Comfort Club. This valuable service agreement keeps your warranty intact and delivers a lot of other advantages, like priority service and repair discounts.

If you want your AC to operate better and more efficiently than ever, contact us at 321-452-3553 or info@duronsmithac.com. Duron Smith AC & Heat will help you schedule an air conditioning repair appointment right away.



Receive Guaranteed Satisfaction
with Every Outstanding HVAC Repair in Cape Canaveral

A properly running furnace or heat pump is essential for supporting top comfort in your home or in a commercial setting. If you desire your HVAC repair in Cape Canaveral to be fast and reliable, the professionals at Duron Smith AC & Heat are ready to support you.

Our understanding customer service staff is available day and night at 321-452-3553 to send one of our experienced Duron Smith AC & Heat pros quickly. Our specialists are completely licensed and insured to better reach your comfort necessities for your home or business. They offer great heat pump repair and furnace repair for all brands.

It won’t be long before the root of the situation is located. Duron Smith AC & Heat will provide helpful tips for getting the problem resolved, including a free estimate of any required repairs.

Heat pump and furnace repair can usually be completed in a few hours. However the job is going, we’ll provide details on our progress. If a new system is a smarter approach, Duron Smith AC & Heat provides excellent heat pump replacement and furnace replacement for a large range of budgets.

It takes years to create a name for the greatest, trustworthy service. Duron Smith AC & Heat has been developing that reputation for years. And we’re pleased to support our budget-friendly heating and cooling services with our famous 100% satisfaction guarantee.*

Get your HVAC repair appointment today by contacting us at 321-452-3553 or info@duronsmithac.com.



Our Plumbers
in Cape Canaveral Are Prepared for Just About Any Situation

There’s a full list of situations that justify calling for our plumbers in Cape Canaveral. It’s critical to show up quickly, which is why our customer service is available 24/7 to receive your call at 321-452-3553.

They’ll help you get a service call with an experienced plumber who can tackle just about any issue. Duron Smith AC & Heat delivers a complete offering of plumbing services, like water heater repair and drain cleaning.

Your plumbing repairs should be finished correctly the first time, which is something Duron Smith AC & Heat is legendary for. Our services also come with a free estimate for repairs, plus continuous updates on our progress.

Even when Duron Smith AC & Heat is complete, you can act upon our 100% satisfaction guarantee.* If something didn’t go like it should, we’ll make sure to fix it however we can.

To schedule your own plumbing appointment, contact us at 321-452-3553 or info@duronsmithac.com today.