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Water Heater Installation in Melbourne Backed by a Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that a family can’t smoothly operate without access to hot water. When you are looking for upgraded water heater installation in Melbourne, you can bank on Duron Smith AC & Heat experts to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Free water heater estimates can be made when you want them. Each of our plumbers is licensed, insured and fully trained. This shows you they can handle just about any trouble, offer counsel and offer a complimentary estimate to properly install your new water heater. We also do free residential plumbing consultations, and all our workmanship is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee* for an entire year.

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When you contact us to plan hot water heater installation, you can always expect your call to be taken, whatsoever the time of day or night. We’ll get your consultation on the record quickly, and one of our professionals will be at your address right when they said they would and prepared to get the job done. Reach out to Duron Smith AC & Heat at 321-452-3553 now.

5 Signs You Probably Need Water Heater Installation

A house can’t correctly operate without a well-performing water heater. Your water heater might start having symptoms when it should be replaced, or it might stop working suddenly. Here are a few common signs you probably need hot water heater replacement:

  1. Your water heater is getting up there in years. These machines often can handle around a 10-year span before needing an upgrade. When yours is past the 10-year point, it’s best to contemplate installing a new water heater. Depending on the amount it is used and each situation, certain kinds of water heaters could only work for a small number of years—as short as four years. Not positive of the age of yours or if it should be traded in? Check the serial number, which is often on a sticker on the top of the heater. If you can’t find it, call us for a complimentary consultation and water heater installation estimate. We can handle both electric water heater installation and gas water heater installation.
  2. Your faucet water is the wrong color or appears rusty. This is a hint your water heater may be rusting on the inside and could also begin leaking any time.
  3. You’re swiftly finishing all your hot water. This is one of the most conclusive indicators it’s probably time for water heater replacement. Water heaters are worse at heating water as they age and as sediment collects.
  4. Your water heater is sounding off with unusual noises. As water heaters get older, sediment gathers on the lowest point of the tank. This buildup thinkens and produce popping, splintering or likely banging noises. Eventually, age can weaken the tank and allow for water leaks.
  5. Your water heater is leaking. Seemingly insignificant fractures can take shape in the tank over a period of time. These splinters can leave your tank at serious risk for bursting, so if you find a leak, you should phone a Duron Smith AC & Heat plumber ASAP at 321-452-3553.

Reasons to Consider a New Water Heater

In some cases, it’s difficult to know when to upgrade your water heater. Should you attempt water heater repair or is it the right time for an upgraded water heater? It’s usual for repairs to seem like the cheaper and more effective option, but that’s not usually the case in the end.

There are tons of advantages to think about when it comes to purchasing an upgraded water heater. Here are some reasons why you ought to contemplate moving to a new water heater.

  • Energy efficiency. Following heating and cooling, treating water is most often the second biggest expense in your house. Contemporary water heaters are much more energy efficient than prior models. Tankless water heaters are the most energy-efficient alternative, because they heat up water as needed rather than storing it. If you’re keen about saving more on water heating costs, ask about our tankless water heater installation.
  • Decreased utility bills. A lot of new water heaters not only save you on energy, they can allow you to save money too. You might not observe the change immediately, but after a while it will start to add up, making your decision for a new water heater a particularly wise one.
  • Fewer hassles. Not only will your family save on utility bills, but you won’t have to handle repair appointments or cold showers. Selecting a newer water heater saves you from hassles and unpredictability of malfunctions.
  • Upgraded comfort. Modern water heaters ensure you never have to think about insufficient hot water or taking freezing showers anymore. Updated units are designed for higher water requirements, affording you with more available hot water.

We offer a large collection of top-quality tank and tankless water heaters to match each home and financial guidelines. The right water heater for your space can be connected to a variety of factors, but our plumbing and water heater pros will help you pick the right model for your family.

Whether you require tankless water heater installation or gas water heater installation, you can count on us to offer an experienced replacement.

Arrange Your Water Heater Installation ASAP

You never want to contend with leaks, or any other issues that may arise with installing your water heater alone or by an unlicensed handyman. At Duron Smith AC & Heat, all our plumbers are licensed, insured and go through thorough training to guarantee the job is finished properly the first time around.

When your water heater is professionally installed, you can be confident that the tank is properly sized, all temperature settings are perfect, all connections are free of leaks and all safety standards are achieved. This is particularly important when you’re working on gas water heater replacement or electric tankless water heater installation. Not to mention, all our installation effort is held up by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.*

You’ll also be given the chance to get any and all questions answered about proper, ongoing water heater preservation and maintenance. This is also an excellent time to ask our neighborhood pros about our Complete Comfort Club. This complete plumbing, air conditioning and electrical maintenance plan ensures your house’s plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems are consistently in great shape. As an appreciated member, you’ll also receive priority service, repair discounts and other select advantages.

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*Duron Smith AC & Heat guarantees that, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the installation or repair service provided, for a period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service in question, we will, at your option: (a) perform the installation or repair service again at no additional cost; or (b) issue a full refund for the installation or repair service charged. This guarantee applies for a limited period of one (1) year following the initial date of the installation or repair service performed by Duron Smith AC & Heat. This guarantee only applies to the workmanship of the installation or repair services performed by Duron Smith AC & Heat technicians and does not apply to any products, including but not limited to the performance or defects of such products installed or serviced by our technicians. This guarantee does not apply to any defects arising from use of the system or product for a purpose other than its intended purpose, misuse, alteration, accident, abuse or failure to maintain the product serviced or installed. Customer must provide prompt notice to Duron Smith AC & Heat of less than full satisfaction with the installation or repair service.